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We produce pipelines and metal structures in petroleum, petrochemical and food industry.

Long story short

Company DUCTUS ENERGY Ltd. was established in middle 2008. with headquarters in Ludbregu, a city located on the Podravina Highway, from Zagreb, less than 100 km. Primary our business is setting up pipelines and metal structures in petroleum plants, chemical, and food industries.

Characterized by our high technical standards, works with technical contemporary methods and materials, as well as constant investment in the education of our employees and improving the quality, also our positive financial results are placing us in leading companies in the metalworking sector.

They employ 40 highly specialized employees in the metal industry, mostly welders TIG, pipe workers-isomterician, central heating installation and gas installations, flame welders, locksmiths-fitters and welders CO2 + SMAW process.

The main objectives of our strict adherence to deadlines, satisfying quality of works and compliance with all technical standards.

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Bana Jelačića 25

42 230 Ludbreg, Croatia

+385 (0)42 505 265

Ductus Energy d.o.o. - Bana Jelačića 29, 42230 Ludbreg | Bank: ERSTE&STEIERMARKISCHE BANK D.D. | Account No.: 2503007 - 1100082736 | BIC (SWIFT-Code): VBCRHR22 | IBAN: HR81 2402 0061 1008 3352 8

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