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You can contact us for any questions regarding our business as well as all job vacancies.

Miroslav Vrabec

The founder and main responsible person in the company DUCTUS Energy Ltd. with over ten years of successful business leadership.

Samanta Juran
Personnel Services

Samanta is in charge of human resources. & Nbsp; Always calm and smiling, knows all the ways of negotiating and keeps the topics concretely.

Andreja Ozimec
Personnel Services

Andreja is employed in the field of personnel affairs and organizes personnel services, coordinates the work of organizational units and supervises the functioning of the entire personnel system.

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Bana Jelačića 25

42 230 Ludbreg, Croatia

+385 (0)42 505 265

Ductus Energy d.o.o. - Bana Jelačića 29, 42230 Ludbreg | Bank: ERSTE&STEIERMARKISCHE BANK D.D. | Account No.: 2503007 - 1100082736 | BIC (SWIFT-Code): VBCRHR22 | IBAN: HR81 2402 0061 1008 3352 8

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