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We are working in chemical, petrochemical and petroleum plants, and plants of food industry.

The company has all the needed technologies for welding

Our services

Our company is characterized by high technical standards and is performing works with state-of-the-art methods and materials.

Many years of business and our positive financial results are placing DUCTUS-ENERGY Ltd. in to one of the leading companies in the metalworking sector, and strictly respecting the deadlines and satisfying the quality of the finished works make us the perfect choice.

Ventilation and air conditioning

Installation of mechanical ventilation and air conditioning installations, fan coils, water cooling, hot water, heating, heat and refrigeration stations.

Welding of metals

We offer services of welding of all types of metals TIG, TIG + REL, REL, MIG, MAG process.

Metal products

We offer services of production of metal products as well as processing of all types of metal.

Metal constructions

We offer service manufacture and assembly of all kind and types of metal structures.

Installation of piping

We are preparing and installing pipelines in chemical, petroleum and petrochemical plants. We also prepare and install pipelines in the food industry.

Repair and maintenance

DUCTUS ENERGY Ltd. specializes in the repair and maintenance of industrial machinery and plants.


In the job description we also have design, construction, use and removal of buildings and supervision of construction.

Other activities

Do you have the need to conduct investment projects abroad, or purchasing and selling goods please feel free to contact us. We are also here for you in performing commercial mediation on domestic and foreign markets.

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Bana Jelačića 25

42 230 Ludbreg, Croatia

+385 (0)42 505 265

Ductus Energy d.o.o. - Bana Jelačića 29, 42230 Ludbreg | Bank: ERSTE&STEIERMARKISCHE BANK D.D. | Account No.: 2503007 - 1100082736 | BIC (SWIFT-Code): VBCRHR22 | IBAN: HR81 2402 0061 1008 3352 8

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